Sitemap - 2023 - The Knight Report by Stephen Knight

Researcher at the University of Queensland says they "don't know" whether Hamas terror attacks were "justified"

The Bianca Williams stop and search verdict did not support her claims of 'racial profiling'

Why Russell Brand's YouTube Channel was really demonetised.

Calls for violence get a huge cheer at London '#TransPride' event

Comedian Stewart Lee throws school kids under the bus for rejecting gender dogmas

Where's the outrage over repeated attempts to murder an ethnic minority female for speaking in England?

Andrew Bridgen doubles down on false claims about vaccine trials

Mark Steyn, Ofcom and GB News' conspiracist crank problem

Andrew Bridgen's false claims about vaccines and Covid on GB News

VIDEO: Can Christopher Hitchens save the left?

PODCAST: How can Christopher Hitchens save the left? Interview with author Matt Johnson

Panel Video: Wokeism, Islamophobia, and Criticism of Islam Vs Discrimination of Muslims

Taking The Myth - April 2023 Edition

Video and thoughts from 'Let Women Speak' event.

Cat climbs all over Imam during Ramadan prayers

Another trans rights activists resorts to violence in response to words.

Andrew Doyle covers the mobbing of Kellie-Jay Keen and violence against women in GB News clip

New Zealand News channel invents fake Kellie-Jay Keen "white supremacist" controversy.

Richard Dawkins refuses to give an inch to the gender mob

Video: Debating the cause of Islamic extremism with Journalist Chris Hedges

The Human Rights Campaign is lying about J.K Rowling's views on trans issues

📼Video Interview: Stephen Knight talks to Michael Shermer about conspiracy theories and the anti-vax movement.

PODCAST: My interview with Michael Shermer about conspiracy theories.