Jan 24, 2022 • 1HR 22M

Taking The Myth - Jan 2022 Edition

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Stephen Knight
The Godless Spellchecker Podcast is an award winning weekly sceptical/atheistic show in a conversational, interview format hosted by Stephen Knight. We hear from leading public figures as well as people without a public profile that have equally valuable experiences and ideas to share. The goal is to amplify good ideas and scrutinise bad ones. The motto of the show is: "I think we've all learned something here today".
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This week on Taking The Myth, Stephen Knight (@GSpellchecker) and Iram Ramzan of sedaa.org (@Iram_Ramzan) discuss the big topics.

0:00 Intro 0:59 Reporting from the Covid related protests in London 5:22 Vaccines becoming part of the culture war 10:53 Alleged lockdown Tory drinks ‘parties’. 19:19 Harry Miller legal victory over ‘transphobic tweets’ and ‘non-crime hate incidents’. 25:37 The gender debate and the impact on free speech 32:18 Edward Colston statue toppling court verdict 43:34 Maajid Nawaz gets fired from LBC Radio 51:23 How can you tell if people are playing to their audience rather than being objective? 55:06 Handling a sudden increase in audience size 1:00:00 Angela Rayner playing the ‘working-class northerner’ card. 1:13:00 Texas synagogue hostage taker was from Blackburn, UK

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