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PODCAST: Stephen Knight speaks to Colin Wright

PODCAST: Stephen Knight speaks to Colin Wright

This week on The Knight Tube, Stephen Knight (@Gspellchecker) is joined by Journalist and evolutionary biologist Colin Wright (@SwipeWright). Colin has spent a significant amount of his time debunking a lot of the anti-scientific claims made in service of gender ideology. On this episode a number of those claims are covered in detail.

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0:00 Intro
2:18 What is ‘male’ and ‘female’? What can science objectively tell us about the distinction between the two?
5:11 What is ‘intersex’? Is it relevant to the current debates about gender?
8:15 Is an intersex condition really as common in the general population as red hair?
11:27 Why get involved in this issue? How does it affect you at all?
15:24 Has academia been completely captured by gender ideology?
16:54 The current state of ‘new atheism’ and atheist organisations
21:16 The accusation that open debate on gender ideology will lead to trans suicides.
25:13 Puberty Blockers: What do they do? How are they used? Are there permanent effects?
29:42 Is any progress being made in the States on this issue compared to the UK?
32:17 The effects of gender ideology on free speech in the UK.
36:18 Gender v Sex.
39:40 In what ways do men have biological advantages of women in sports?
44:24 What role does testosterone play in sex differences?
46:11 Attempts to control the language: ‘sex assigned at birth’?
49:31 How credible is the claim about ‘social contagion’?

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