Mar 17, 2022 • 52M

Ep#186 - Dr. Sohom Das - Mental Health and Ideology

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Stephen Knight
The Godless Spellchecker Podcast is an award winning weekly sceptical/atheistic show in a conversational, interview format hosted by Stephen Knight. We hear from leading public figures as well as people without a public profile that have equally valuable experiences and ideas to share. The goal is to amplify good ideas and scrutinise bad ones. The motto of the show is: "I think we've all learned something here today".
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This week on The Knight Tube, Stephen Knight (@Gspellchecker) welcomes Dr. Sohom Das (@Dr_S_Das). Sohom is a Consultant forensic psychiatrist. They talk about mental illness and ideology.

0:00 Intro 0:22 What does Sohom do? 1:30 What is schizophrenia? 3:07 Can people recover from schizophrenia? 4:08 The difference between psychologist and psychiatrist. 5:50 Psychiatry as a science and its dark past 8:17 Society’s attitudes to mental illness 11:25 Why pursue this type of career? 14:11 Religious ‘delusion’ and mental illness. 16:33 Mental illness and suicide bombing. 19:52 How does our understanding of mental illness inform concepts of ‘free will’? 25:42 Spice: Drug use and mental health 28:36 Cannabis and mental health issues. 36:04 The ‘insanity please’. 39:40 Personal safety when assessing patients 45:03 What is the notorious Broadmoor Hospital like? 46:46 Conspiracy theorists 49:28 Soham’s upcoming book ‘In Two Minds’.

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