Sitemap - 2017 - The Knight Report by Stephen Knight

Ep#108 - The Emancipation Of A Black Atheist

Taking The Myth - December 2017 Edition

Ep#107 - The Rap Guide To Consciousness

Ep#106 - Tom Wilson - Extremist Groups and Counter-Terrorism

Taking The Myth - November 2017 Edition

Ep#105 - Ella Whelan - What Women Want

Does Lily Allen Have Anything Else To Say About The Grenfell Tower Fire Now?

Ep#104 - David Smalley

Ep#103 - Andrew Copson - Secularism: Politics, Religion and Freedom

#MythCon Disagreement And Thomas Smith’s Online Abuse

Noel Gallagher Names The Problem and Larry David Gets A Fatwa

Ep#102 - Mythcon IV Controversy Debrief

Off To London For ‘A Celebration of Science & Reason’

Ep#101 - Dr. Melanie Joy - Carnism

Taking The Myth - September 2017 Edition

Joe Walsh Says Charlie Hebdo Are ‘Cowards’ For NOT Mocking Muslims

Can Anyone Tell Me What Mo Shafiq’s ‘Ramadhan foundation’ Does?

ALDI Supermarket Questioned Over ‘No Alcohol’ Till Sign

Taking The Myth - August 2017 Edition

Ep#100 - Armin Navabi - Atheist Republic

Taking The Myth - Secular Conference - July 2017

The Richard Dawkins KPFA Radio Ban Is Pure Hypocrisy

Ep#99 - Graeme Wood - Encounters With The Islamic State

There’s No Justification For Finsbury Park Terrorism

Taking The Myth - June Edition

Taking The Myth - May 2017 Edition

Ep#98 - The 'Conceptual Penis' Hoax - James Lindsay

The ‘Conceptual Penis’ and Its ‘Pay-To-Publish’ Critics

My Appearance On BBC’s ‘The Big Questions’

Taking The Myth - April 2017 Edition

No, Westminster University Isn’t ‘Shredding All The Qur’ans’ Because Of ‘Prevent’

Iggy The Stockholm Dog

Video From Secularist Of The Year Awards 2017

Ayaan Hirsi Ali And The Cost Of Speaking Up Against Islamism

Taking The Myth - March 2017 Edition

Ep#97 - Secularist Of The Year 2017 - Yasmin Rehman

Andy Kindler Doesn't Know What (Or Who) He's Talking About

Michael Nugent Debates William Lane Craig

‘Muslim’ Woman Singled Out In Viral London Terror Photo

BBC Asks “What Is The Right Punishment For Blasphemy?”

Reporting From Secularist Of The Year 2017

Suspended From Twitter (Again)

Suspended From Twitter (Again)

Ep#96 - Ella Whelan - Free Speech & Trolling

West Midlands Police Do Not See ‘Benefit’ In FGM Prosecutions

Taking The Myth - Feb 2017 Edition

Orthodox Jews Disrupt A Flight (Again)

Ep#95 - Macer Gifford - Fighting Against ISIS With The Kurds

Ep#94 - Matt Dillahunty - Free Speech & Violence

Free Speech, Dan Arel And Trolls In A Barrel

Joss Whedon Abandons His Values To Attack Nicole Kidman

My East Coast Radio Discussion On #RealHousewivesOfISIS

Why We Need ‘The Real Housewives Of ISIS’