Sitemap - 2015 - The Knight Report by Stephen Knight

Why You Shouldn’t Take Galen Hallcyon’s Claims Seriously. @HallCyon

Ep#73 - Michael Sherlock - ISIS & Islam

Tweet First, Think Never–The ‘New Journalism’. Hit Reply To Outrage

Ep#72 - James Lindsay

Goldsmiths Student Union Fail To Make Any Conclusions In Their 'Conclusion'

Taking The Myth - 12 Dec Edition

Ali A. Rizvi’s Response To A Question Is A Thing Of Beauty

Muhammed Patel Steps Down From ISOC: What They Must Do Next

How Does The Metropolitan Police Classify An 'Islamophobic'Hate Crime?

Now Goldsmiths #LGBT Society Stands With Islamist Bullies

Video Of ISOC Islamists Disrupting & Intimidating At University Talk

Goldsmiths Islamic And Feminist Societies Are A Disgrace

Talk Of Human Rights Violates An Islamic ‘Safe Space’

Ep#71 - Sarah Levin - Anti-Vaccination Myths - Put Kids First

The Coca-Cola Christmas Cult (CCC)

Ep#70 - Dave Rubin - The Regressive Left

Paris Terror Ringleader Smoked & Drank Alcohol. So?

'The Lad Bible' Refer To France Terror Ringleader as 'Godless'

Taking The Myth - 18 Nov Edition

Muslims Shouldn’t Be Patronised With Praise For Condemning ISIS

The ‘Voldemort Effect’ Claims Rufus Hound As Its Victim

An Open Letter To @Hallcyon Regarding His Craig Hicks Comments

Ep#69 - Arif Rahman - Bangladeshi Bloggers

Chapel Hill Shame Belongs To Reactionaries Like @TheFlowerThrowe AKA @LIFG_4_HRC

Ep#68 - The Rap Guide To Religion - Baba Brinkman

Taking The Myth - 21 Oct Edition

Ep#67 - Wendy Thomas Russell - Secular Parenting

Gig Review: Daniel Sloss Goes ‘Dark’.

Shams Bandar: Why Do We Pin All Our Problems on the West?

You Can’t Fight Segregation and Support Faith Schools Mr. Cameron

Taking The Myth - 04 Oct Edition

The Views And Potential Motivations Of Craig Hicks

Goodbye Glen Carrigan

The Pope Thanks Kim Davis For Her ‘Courage’

Warwick University Cancels Maryam Namazie Talk

Hundreds Killed In Hajj Stampede

Taking The Myth - 20 Sep Edition

Dubsmash–Gross and Racist

The Young Turks Link Ahmed Mohamed’s ‘Bomb Clock’ Fiasco To Atheists

Ep#66 - Chris Matheson - The Story Of God

Islam And The Future Of Tolerance– A Harvard Discussion Between Sam Harris & Maajid Nawaz

Taking The Myth 13 Sep Edition

Team #GFGS Raises Over £1,000 for Oldham Cats

Book Review: 'The New Atheist Threat' By CJ Werleman

The Independent Falsely Claims 'Islamophobic' Attack

Ep#65 - Francesca Stavrakopoulou

Taking The Myth - 31 Aug Edition

Mo Ansar Calls Me A 'Paranoid Racist'

Fox News Blames Atheism For Virginia Shooting

Ep#64 - Ryan Bell - A Year Without God

Ep#63 - Nathan Phelps - Ex-Westboro Baptist Church

Atheists, How Do You Find Meaning In A Purposeless Universe?

Taking The Myth - Anjem Choudary - 09 Aug 2015

Ep#62 - Peter Tatchell - Human Rights

Taking The Myth - 26 July 2015 - Faith Schools

Ep#61 - Maajid Nawaz - Counter Extremism

Taking The Myth - Marriage Equality - 12 July 2015

Ep#60 - Sarah Haider - Liberal Critique Of Islam

Taking The Myth - Nothing To Do With Islam - 28 June 2015

Ep#59 - Logos Pilgrim - Leaving Faith Behind

CJ Werleman's Racist, Anti-Muslim Bigotry Exposed.

Asghar Bukhari Has A Vile And Unhinged Twitter Meltdown

How To Get Refunded By Michael Wilson For Your 'God Is Incredible' Money.

Taking The Myth - Zionist Shoe Theft! 14 June 2015

New #GFGS Fundraiser For Oldham Cats!

How Has Michael Wilson Spent Nearly $12,000? Time To Consider Legal Options. @GodlessAtheist

Ep#58 - Jerry Coyne - Faith Vs. Fact

#BBCTBQ Debrief - 31 May - Is God The Problem?

Ep#57 - Do We Have Free Will? Jonathan Pearce

'Taking The Myth' - New Discussion Show For The #GSPodcast

Some Thoughts On Douglas Murray's Advice For Secularists

#BBCTBQ Debrief - 17 May - Counter Extremism & Street Preaching

#BBCTBQ Debrief - 03 May - Death Penalty & Sex Education

DJ @DeeJayNDN Says Charlie Hebdo Is Racist, and So Are You If You Disagree #JeSuisCharlie

QED Con, Trigger Warnings, Dillahunting and an Ockham Award

Ep#56 - Matt Dillahunty & Aron Ra

#BBCTBQ Debrief - Do We Have Free Will?

Ep#55 - Shelley Segal Plays Some Live Music

#BBCTBQ Debrief - Armed Drones, Booze & The Catholic Church

Ep#54 - Dr Christian Jessen - 'Gay Cures'

Ep#53 - Gad Saad Returns - #TriggerWarning

We Will Never Forget Lee Rigby

Ep#52 - Secularist Of The Year - Charlie Hebdo

#Ep51 - Goodbye God? - Sean Michael Wilson

#BBCTBQ Debrief - Does Religion Make You Happier?

London School Prevents School Kids From Watching Eclipse For 'Religious & Cultural' Reasons

CJ Werleman Can't Be A Journalist - If Facts and Evidence Matter

Ep#50 - Daniel Sloss - Comedy & Ideas

Ep#49 - Emily Dyer - Honour Killing

Another UK Muslim (@RazaNadim) Struggles To Condemn Stoning

Ep#48 - A Year Without God Film

#BBCTBQ Debrief Podcast - Feb 22 - Terrorism, Faith Schools & Satan!

Ep#47 - London Black Atheists

Luke Savage Doubles Down On Dishonest Hackery. @LukeWSavage

Statement From Michael Wilson (@GodlessAtheist) on 'God Is Incredible' Film.

Michael Wilson (@GodlessAtheist) Crowdsources Nearly $12,000 for a documentary then disappears

Ep#46 - Michael Shermer - The Moral Arc

#BBCTBQ Debrief Podcast - 08 Feb - Alien Jesus!

Ep#45 - David Silverman - American Atheists

#BBCTBQ Debrief Podcast - Feb 01 - Homeopathy, Religion & Women

The Big Questions Debrief Podcast - Join Me!

Ep#44 - Ex-Jehovah's Witness Elder - Mike Bigelow

Ep#43 - Father Ordered To Take Kids To Church- Dr. Steve

Ep#42 - Aliyah Saleem - Islamic Boarding School #ExMuslim

Sky News Has a Panic Attack Over Charlie Hebdo Cartoon

‘Nothing To Do With Islam’ – Dangerous New Faith On The Rise.

Ep#41 - Ex-Muslims of North America #ExMuslim

BBC Guidelines on Depicting Muhammad

Clarifying A News Article Mentioning Me

Twitter reinstates my account: A huge thank you

Permanent Suspension: An Open letter to Twitter #09914411

Suspended on Twitter again: Help me find out why this time.