Thank you Stephen.

I struggle to understand what is really happening, despite reading and listening regularly - for several years.

It's easy to say the world has gone mad, but people are actually getting physically hurt already.

Not to mention the appalling perversion of the NHS towards trans propaganda: and the negligent tragedies perpetrated through unnecessary surgery as a result.

I don't see this fiasco has got anything to do with trans rights. I don't believe the majority of trans people agree with this behaviour. It's sheer misogyny by people who are violent, hateful and possibly ill.

The fact that violent offenders keep masquerading as pro trans people fuels the idea that trans people are perverts. This is not true.

Why oh why are the police not stopping this violent behaviour? Because it seems nobody cares about violence towards women.

Extreme trans activists are anti women and pretend they are the sex they appear to hate. Someone in power needs to have some guts and prosecute them.

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I actually though he said "punch her in the f***ing face" which seems to undermine the Met's initial view that 'terf' is a general term and therefore not a protected characteristic under the EA.

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Loathed to even say it, but an actual event of "hate speech" and the Mayor/Police are refusing to intervene apparently. This is the intolerant idea that paradoxically can't be tolerated... we've already seen many a case of fist being used to enforce it.

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