Sitemap - 2016 - The Knight Report by Stephen Knight

Labels, No Arguments and Banning - With Emma Kennedy

The Chicago Review Of Books Attempts To Boycott Milo Yiannopoulos - Bolsters His Rhetoric Instead

Taking The Myth - December 2016 Edition

Ep#93 - Ali Rizvi - The Atheist Muslim

Did Glenn Greenwald And The Guardian Just Get Spectacularly Trolled?

Ep#92 - Larry T. Decker - What Does The Election Mean For Secularism?

Europhysics News Releases Woeful Response To Their 9/11 Conspiracy Blunder

WATCH: 3 Reasons To Avoid The Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Taking The Myth - 10 Nov 2016 Election Edition

Charles Bradlaugh Statue Unveiled In House Of Commons

Louis Smith Handed Two Month Suspension For ‘Mocking Islam’

Taking The Myth - 30 Oct 2016 Edition

Video Review Of ‘The Atheist Delusion’

Review: Louis Theroux's ‘My Scientology Movie’

Taking The Myth - 14 Oct 2016 Edition

Ep#91 - Terry McDermott - Perfect Soldiers

Ep#90 - Chris Matheson Returns!

Why CAGE Cannot Be Trusted On 'Prevent' & Anti-Extremism

Taking The Myth - September 2016 Edition

Ep#89 - Haydar Zaki - Prevent

EDP Sciences Releases A Statement On Publishing 9/11 Conspiracies @EDPSciences

The European Scientific Journal Did Not Conclude 9/11 Was A ‘Controlled Demolition’

Roald Dahl Failed On free Speech And Threw Salman Rushdie To The Mob

Debunking Conspiracies: Spread Some Truth On The Anniversary Of 9/11

A Lesson In ‘Journalism’ With Ansar and Werleman

Report From The #Secularism2016 Conference

Secularism 2016 Conference: Living Better Together

Ep#88 - Karen Garst - Women Beyond Belief

Michael Nugent Tackles @Demos' 'Islamophobia' Report

Taking The Myth - 24 August Edition 2016

Jalal Uddin: Rochdale Imam Murder Update

Maajid Nawaz V Talib Kweli

Demos’ Flawed research Into ‘Islamophobia’ On Twitter

Mo Shafiq: Supporter of Blasphemy Laws and Hate Preaching Extremists

Asad Shah Murder: The Disturbing Support For ‘Blasphemy’ Killing In A British Court

Sean Kent Opts For Narrative Over Integrity

‘Mental Health Issues’ And Terrorism

Taking The Myth - 4 August 2016 Edition

Ep#87 - Terry Sanderson Returns

Childrens’ Show ‘Fireman Sam’ Removed Over ‘Qur’an’ Depiction

Trailer Released For Louis Theroux’s Scientology Documentary

Saudi Arabia Issue A Fatwa Against Pokémon Go

Milo Yiannopoulos Has Been Permanently Banned From Twitter

Disturbing New Claims About The Bataclan Massacre Emerge

Taking The Myth - 15 July 2016 Edition

Black Lives Matter And Unpopular Views

Ep#86 - Average Mohamed - Anti-extremism

The Chilcot Report Into Iraq Has Been Published: Some Key Points

Maajid Nawaz Challenges Muslim Victimhood & Terror Apologists

Dean Obeidallah Embarrasses Himself Again

Taxi Driver Refuses Guide Dog Owner For ‘Religious’ Reasons

Post-Brexit Racism Increase

PayPal Holds ‘ISIS’ Podcast Donation

Ep#85 - The Atheos App

Yasir Qadhi’s Hypocrisy, Adnan Rashid Loses The Plot Over Orlando

Taking The Myth - 26 June 2016 Edition

Ep#84 - Dave Rubin Returns

Wegmans Bakery Apologises For Refusing ‘ex-Muslim Cake’

FBI Redact Orlando Gunman’s References to ISIS

Australia And The Hateful Muslim Cleric

The Orlando Shooter’s Sexuality And Islamic Purity Hypocrisy

Hundreds Gather In Manchester To Show Solidarity For Orlando

What Are Some People Saying About The Orlando Shooting In Arabic?

Taking The Myth - 11 June 2016 Edition

France Launches ‘Terror Alert App’ Ahead Of Euro 2016

Noel Edmonds, Cancer, Negative Energy And The ‘Miracle Pad’

EU Referendum: Cameron And Farage Live

Breitbart Suffers Sense Of Humour Failure Over Nicky Campbell's ‘Inshallah’.

Deathbed Conversion? Christopher Hitchens Died A Blaspheming Atheist

Ep#83 - Catherine Dunphy - The Clergy Project

Taking The Myth - 23 May 2016 Edition

Ep#82 - Tom Holland - Islam and History

Taking The Myth - 12 May Edition 2016

Munich Train Station Attack: Jihad Has No Borders

Manchester Police Chief Thinks You’re Not Free To Offend Religion

Ep#81 - Iram Ramzan -

Salon Writer Smears Ricky Gervais As ‘Transphobic’

Taking The Myth - 27 April 2016 Edition

Cenk Uygur Still Won’t Acknowledge The Armenian Genocide

Become An Organ Donor Today

Students Threaten To Leave NUS Over Malia Bouattia Appointment

Journalist Mona Eltahaway Labels Me A ‘Misogynist Prick’

Ep#80 - Michael Nugent

Robert De Niro And Vaccination Misinformation

Taking The Myth - 15 April Edition

Murder Suspect Admits Killing Shopkeeper Because He ‘disrespected’ Islam

Ep#79 - Secularist Of The Year 2016

Reporting From ‘Secularist Of The Year’ Awards 2016

Taking The Myth - 16 March 2016 Edition

Some Muslim Women Are Kept Out OF British Politics By Their Community

Ep#78 - Asra Nomani - #MyMuslimReform

Will Mo Shafiq Please Outline The Correct Application Of ‘Blasphemy’ Law?

VOX Smears And Endangers Muslim Reformers

Influential British Imam Speaks Out In Support Of ‘Blasphemy’ Murderer

Holocaust Survivor Suing Jewish Airline For Gender Discrimination

Taking The Myth - 29 Feb 2016 Edition

What’s Your Source For That @Max_Fisher?

Local Man Charged With The Murder Of Jalal Uddin

Maryam Namazie on Sam Harris’s Waking Up Podcast

Nathan Lean Gets Publicly Challenged By Asra Nomani For His Abuse Towards Muslims

“Heartless Asshole..How Do You Sleep At Night?” Dean Obeidallah Loses The Plot

Ep#77 - Leanne Scorzoni - Muslim Convert

What’s Being Said About Atheists In Arabic?

Will Dean Obeidallah Tell Us (And The Police) What He Knows About Craig Hicks?

'Come Home (Cardinal Pell)' by Tim Minchin

Taking The Myth - 16 Feb Edition

Ed Husain Has Gone Off The Deep End

Raza Nadim: ‘Israel Is 100% Worse Than Isis’.

Ed Husain Says Something Silly About Evolution

‘Rescuing Ex-Muslims: Leaving Islam’ Documentary

Tortured For Being An Atheist. I Interview Waleed Al-Husseini

Ep#76 - Imtiaz Shams - Faith To Faithless

How To Shift The Goalposts With Dean Obeidallah

Taking The Myth - 30 Jan Edition

Ep#75 - Faisal Al-Mutar

An Open Letter To St Andrew’s Primary School

UK Head Teacher Claims ‘There Is More Evidence For The Bible Than Evolution’

Rapper Claims The Earth Is Flat

Maajid Nawaz On Australian TV

PZ Myers Is Still A Liar

What's A Real Muslim Anyway?

Sam Harris Predicted Donald Trump

‘Block Donald Trump From UK Entry’ Petition

Taking The Myth - 12 Jan Edition - Cologne

‘Reza Aslan Cannot Be Trusted’ Video

Ep#74 - Caroline Fourest - Charlie Hebdo

Christopher Hitchens And That Dubious Iran ‘Quote’

PZ Myers Gets Caught Lying About Christopher Hitchens

CJ Werleman Jokes About His Indonesian ‘Servants’, Tries To Smear Dawkins For Colonialism