Love your videos Stephen and your interviewing style. I entirely agree with you about the movement needing good men to work with us, but I cannot agree with you on objecting to men being asked to physically step aside for women at a women’s event.

Women live under constant pressure of having to move aside for men taking up more than their fair share of space. Outside of the trans issue women leave sports and social clubs because men come in and dominate, we can’t see past them at concerts, they take the armrests on airplanes, they speak over us in work meetings, they tailgate us in cars, they expect us to move aside on pavements. My sport is swimming and I have scars on my hand from hitting the swimming pool wall because the men take up too much space in the lane and force me into the wall. The list is endless. They do this all instinctively, without thought for others, that women are taught to have from day one. Those women who admonished you probably worked up a lot of courage to do so because it is so counterintuitive to women.

When I saw Posie be assertive about women first, I felt absolute joy and I thought to myself, that’s the very first time in my life I have heard that. It truly felt like having the shackles of a lifetime taken off, it really meant something. For once we are not secondary human beings.

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