I had a n-other-social-media conversation with someone who said that they were in a quandry about buying their child the Hogwarts Legacy game. On the one hand they didn't want their child to miss out, on the other hand they were concerned about "inclusion". I asked them to expand on this lack of inclusion.

The two immediate examples given back were JKR's tweet about "there used to be a word for people who menstruate" and her choice of nom de plume for the Strike series. Amongst other lines of debate, I pointed them to this article to which I got this rather astonishing (in my view) response, which I have their permission to share:

"This is a man who regularly attacks transgender rights, is "anti-woke" (read: "anti-empathy"), attacks critical race theory, and basically trying to milk the alt-right shitbag path.

So he writes a blog post where he takes some HRC statements, gives incomplete information about them, tries to paint Rowling in a positive light, and ignores the gestalt of the situation. That's a common tactic of bigots.

Do not share his work with me again."

I (@mart_brooks) do not agree with their perception of your work, and am frankly baffled by them.

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Excellent work.

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