Completely agree with you.

As an ardent fan of Andrew Doyle and his FSN show, I see that he is a good critical thinker and will chair debates where possible from a centrist perspective, unafraid to call out both sides.

The popularity today of harshly criticising GBN as the worst thing to exist in the media landscape often comes from a place of complete hysteria, yet you have broken down a few of the issues, and where issues do not exist - but they can do with improving.

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I don’t watch GB News but read a book by Steyn a while back. Didn’t agree with much of it but he was kinda interesting. Not sure if he has gone a bit la-la and conspiracist but probably never has been suitable material to be a host,

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I listen to Andrew Doyle but I think his show should move channels as it is tainted by the GBNews brand. He'd get more credibility elsewhere.

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I really like Free Speech Nation. I also like the daily newspaper review show, though it does depend on the panel.

Everything else I have tried on GBN I haven't liked too much. It does just feel like a rightist love-in, rather than a leftist one. I don't want either.

The Bridgen interview truly was a classic Gish Gallop, it reminded me of a guy I worked with who was a 9/11 truther. They would constantly change the thing they are alleging so you can't fully analyse any single claim. Doyle did well to hold his ground.

I also really enjoyed this exchange from FSN when Doyle was away. A very pompous, grandstanding lawyer is made to look like a complete idiot in real time.


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Vaccines are a Gay superpower over anti-Gay Christians who refuse to get vaccinated.


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