A well-written article that cuts straight through the nonsense. Glad I subscribed.

It seems to me the indoctrination began young, and ISIS knew this and used it. She certainly wasn't duped, but she was programmed from a young age to accept almost anything as long as someone told her it was allowed under her religion. With that in place in her mind, it was probably very easy for someone she saw as an authority to say "Yeah, Islam says this is fine"

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Thank you for writing this well researched and well argued piece. It is baffling how the 'she was a child groomed and trafficked' story has gained traction and you seem to be one of the only journalists calling it out.

She clearly says on the BBC documentary and on the Andrew Jury interview that she only went because her friend who had already gone convinced her to go. She said she was mentally capable of making the decision and she knew exactly what she doing. She also had said she was aware of the crimes of ISIS and felt they were justified. She has never shown any regret or remorse. Andrew Jury on a very good interview with GB News also said she was a diva and emotionless narcissist. She did come across quite rude and arrogant. She was 15 but she was not an idiot and said herself she knew what she was doing and was happy with her decision. She comes across as not very intelligent academically but very calculative about her life choices.

There is no evidence she was groomed or trafficked. There are two unanswered questions:

1) What her role in ISIS, what was she actually doing? Why is that information being kept from the public?

2) Do we know what happened to the other two girls, her friends who also went? I think the BBC documentary alludes to one of them being killed but what about the other friend?

3) Where are her parents in all this? Even the podcast and documentary don't mention them. It's all very odd. Thanks for linking the article about her father taking her to a protest but why have he and his wife not been interviewed? Where are they? Have they disowned her? How were they so unaware of her behaviour and activities prior to leaving? I think her upbringing and her relationship with her parents should be investigated.

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I disagree! I get a lot of what you are saying and as usual you make sone great points but it’s fundamentally wrong in my view to essentially issue someone with a life sentence for something they did as a child. We don’t do it with anything else. The right decision would and still should be for her to face trial and serve sentence in the UK.

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Isis threw Gay people off buildings. I support the severest penalty as practically possible. What is appalling is that the LGBTQXYZ establishment isn't demanding that she face the most severe penalty. Also, at some point you need to be accountable for what you do and not always be a victim.

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Not really sure if the poor thing was capable of knowing anything and as always I'm am in awe that what appears to be a piece of poop with teeth, makes noises I can understand. The versatility of nature is simply mind blowing.

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